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First of all, the disclaimer. These are just links. They are not a recommendation of a program. In general you will find pointers to helpful people, programs and other resources on this page. Explore these at your own risk. They are on this page because they were found helpful to others in healing. Now, without further adieu…

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Good books

Every Heart Restored – A good book for wives

Every Man?s Battle book – A book for men struggling with lust.

Faithful and True workbook – The latest version. You can usually also get these at group meetings.

Faith and True Ministries general resources – Just about anything on this page is helpful and recommended.

False Intimacy

SA Publications

Sexaholics Anonymous White Book – A great book. Spells out the 12 steps with a focus on sex addiction. If your group is studying the white boo then this is most likely the one.

The Wounded Heart – Did you know that people that struggle with sexual addiction a have a much higher probability of having sexual abuse in their childhood? This is a fantastic work and comes highly recommended if you have a history of sexual abuse.

Wichita Area counselors

Wm. Rowan Settles, LSCSW – Good stuff.

Central Christian Church Counseling – Ask for Dr Phil

Internet filters/Accountability Software

Covenant Eyes – The premier accountability software. Create a meaningful report for accountability partners.

Intensive seminars and counseling

Men of Valor – I have never heard a single guy regret attending one of these. This is a great way to kick start your recovery. Highly, highly, highly recommended. One of the best investments you will ever make in your life.

Every Man?s Battle – Another great workshop. Get a jump start on your recovery!

Online Tests – Do I have a Problem?

Online test – do I have a problem?

SA test at the Sexaholics Anonymous website


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