These are all real testimonies from men deeply involved in the group. All the names have been changed. If you were to ask any one of them they would tell you in great detail that their lives are totally different today than before they started.


For the first time in my adult life to be free from masturbation and pornography.


Freedom of the heart.
Freedom from sin.
Freedom from what others think.
Freedom from my self.


Before I was in bondage to sin and guilt. I was lost – separated from God and from the fellowship of others. I did things I was ashamed of. It was a life of torment. Since recovery I now have peace, a relationship with God, a wife and kids, real friends and freedom from acting out on lust.


Surrender – Surrender of my self to the relationship with God. Surrender of my fight to keep from sinning. Surrender of the pain that comes from the double life.


Peace – It means no more of the mental wars, peace of mind to be able to think clearly and sleep peacefully at night.